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Preparing for an Emergency with Your Furkids

Consider your furkids while you prepare for a major snow storm, or hurricane.

Prepare to be without power:

  1. If you depend on well water, fill tub and containers with water – pumps need power to work
  2. Put fresh batteries in radio.
  3. Put fresh batteries in flashlights – don’t use candles in case there is a natural gas leak.
  4. Charge mobile phone – laptops work with modems will not work, they need power
  5. Get cash – ATMs need power to work
  6. Fill vehicle gas tank – pumps need power to work

Establish a main contact person

Contact someone (relative, friend) who is not in the area that will be affected. That person would be your point of contact for all other relatives to call so you don’t have to call everyone to give them updates on your status.  Phone circuits may not work because the lines could be overloaded from people calling in and out.   The Red Cross also has a website  where you can share your status with family members

Have a plan for your furkid if you need to evacuate.

Do not leave your furkid at home planning to go back for him in a day or two. If your home is in an area that floods, authorities may not permit residents to go back for an undetermined amount of time because of safety risks (remember Hurricane Katrina?). Most shelters do not generally allow furkids to stay in human shelters.

  • If the shelter does permit furkids, make sure you have all your furkids supplies with you.
  • If you have friends/relatives in an area that will not be affected, ask if they can temporarily take your furkids.
  • Board your furkids at a kennel/rescue not in the affected area.


Many storm shelters do not allow pets because that space could be occupied by people. Make sure your human checks to see if the shelter will let you in! Here’s a story that explains why this is important


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Resources for Training A Deaf and Blind Dog

Patience and repetition are important for training dogs that can see and hear. Both are even more important for dogs who can’t see or hear. Don’t forget to reward with good dog touch signs and treats!

Here are a few helpful resources for training a deaf and blind dog:

Blind and Deaf Dogs Guidebook – A website with tips

Training a deaf and blind Australian Shepherd – A few tips on video

16 Tips for Working with your Blind and Deaf Dog – A great article

Touch signs for blind and deaf dogs – A short list

Training Dogs Training Dogs Who Are Blind and Deaf – An article

If you have questions, you might ask my furiends on their facebook pages:

Deaf Dogs Rock – Christina Lee adopted Nitro, a deaf white boxer, from a shelter in Salem Virginia. The website and facebook page help deaf dogs looking for homes, provide training info and share happy tails.

Parker’s Fan Club – Parker is a deaf and blind collie who donates contest winnings to the rescue that saved him. Parker lives with doggie siblings: Dakota, deaf/blind collie/Aussie mix; Rain, a deaf miniature Australian shepherd; and Moccaccino, a shepherd chow mix. They live in New York.

Saving Theresina – Theresina is a deaf and blind collie who has had some behavior issues. Her family is working with her to help her adjust to living with others.

White Dog Blog – Read about the training and adventures of three amazing dogs: Treasure, deaf and blind; Grace, deaf and visually impaired; Jasmine, deaf and visually impaired.

Treasure also has videos on YouTube. Here she shows that being deaf and blind does not stop you from doing amazing tricks.


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