My Favorite Activity Ball

My Favorite Activity Ball

When Ina and I stay busy, we are less likely to get into trouble. Not that I cause trouble, but when it’s quiet, mom worries about Ina.

Mom started giving treat-filled kongs to Peg and Sandy when they were young. Peg thought anything on the floor was her toy and Sandy had some separation anxiety. The kongs kept them busy.

Each dog would get a kong in their crate. Mom would fill extra kongs and hide them around the room for Peg and Sandy to find later.  That has been the routine for me too. Ina and I run to our crates when we see mom getting ready to go somewhere. We know that’s where we get kongs!

Our favorite dog toys are KONGs.  Kong offers various shapes with various toughness ratings. Mom’s favorite Kong is the activity ball. It’s larger so it holds more treats and is easier to fill. But it’s not Josh the foster dog tough. He has destroyed several of the activity balls. He gets the black cone-shaped Kongs. We also like Kongs because they are made in the USA.

What to put in the kongs

Buy dog biscuits (I call them cookies) that are easy to push in, but hard to get out. You can then smear peanut butter in the hole to plug it and fill with apple sauce or unsalted chicken stock and freeze. Frozen Kongs take longer to un-stuff because we have to really work on them. Check out Kong’s website or facebook page where they share recipes with fans.

Make sure that you buy treats MADE IN USA!

Treats made in China have made dogs sick.  Illness may be linked to chicken jerky made in China: Waggin’ Train or Canyon Creek Ranch jerky treats/tenders, produced by Nestle Purina PetCare Co., Milo’s Kitchen Home-style Dog Treats, produced by the Del Monte Corp. Read the MSNBC article: 3 big brands may be tied to chicken jerky illness in dogs, FDA records show

Ina will run to her crate when she THINKS mom is leaving. Mom doesn’t always leave, I think she’s HOPING mom leaves so she gets a kong and gets to look for them!

Watch Ina with her Kong activity ball in this video


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Training A Dog Owner

Mom forgot that puppies are a lot of work because Peg was 14 years old and Sandy was 13 years old when I came to live with them.

Dad didn’t want to adopt me because he wanted a “normal” dog. He focused on what I could not do. Mom needed some support from someone who knew dogs in case my “special needs” were too much for her so she signed up for class so the teacher could train her.  The teacher had only trained one other deaf dog, but his dogs were old and they were deaf, so technically he owned deaf dogs, even though they weren’t born deaf like me.

Training consisted of:

  1. Hearing dogs hear a verbal command, I see a hand sign command.
  2. Mom coaxes me to correctly perform desired action like “sit”
  3. When I perform the correct action, I get a treat.
  4. Hearing dog hears verbal “good dog,” I see a “thumbs up” hand sign
  5. Repeat because practice makes perfect. It really helps my mom to practice 🙂

As I got older, mom gave me fewer treats, just the “thumb up” hand sign because I have figured out that thumbs up means “good dog.” Now that I’m older and less active, it’s more diet-friendly for my waist-line. I’m not fat, I’m fluffy. Just ignore my dad when he says I’m portly.

These are a few of the basic hand signs that we use frequently.

  1. Come – motion with one hand toward chest and clap hands
  2. Sit – Both hands – tap pointer and middle fingers together, crossed like an “x”
  3. Stay/wait – palm of hand towards dog’s face
  4. Down – hand palm side down, motion down to floor
  5. Sit up – hand palm side up, motion up away from floor (opposite down)
  6. Stand – move hand palm side down, parallel to the floor.
  7. Inside – sweeping arm movement motioning in desired direction, similar to doorman.
  8. Good dog/yes/ok – thumb up
  9. Bad Dog/no – thumb down
  10. Wipe Paws – put towel on floor, make a fist w right hand rub on palm of open left hand. he will sit on towel so you can rub his paws
  11. Heel/let’s go – pat your thigh and start walking
  12. Crate/sleep – tilt head and put hand on side of face (similar to a pillow)
  13. Eat – fingertips together, touch to open mouth (like you are eating)

I’m really pretty smart. I can figure out things and I’m pretty attentive, unless I’m asleep. As my furiend Cloverton the Deaf dog would say, “I am deaf, I can’t hear the dumb things that people say.”

Deaf Dog Training Videos


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Can you tell which dog is Blu?

Cutest video of 5 month old Old English Sheepdog. Her mom wanted people to now that deaf dogs can live happy lives. Can you tell that Blu is deaf?


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I am in a magazine centerfold!

Bark out to American Dog Magazine for spreading the word that deaf dogs can have happy lives.  I am in the magazine’s centerfold, bottom row, second from the left. The centerfold appeared in the 2011 Winter Edition, Volume 4, Issue 4. The cover had all the famous Pit Bulls including our deaf dog furiends Echo and Gremlin.

I was so excited to see the happy tails photos of my deaf dog furiends. American Dog Magazine got my photo from Special bark out to Nitro and Christina for all the work they do to tell people about deaf dogs. Visit their website to see deaf dogs looking for homes, training information and happy tails.

Kisses go to my mom for taking the photo of me. I stopped running and chasing the ball long enough for the photo. It also shows my best side with the little black patch around my eye. I am really happy. Do I look like I’m smiling at you?


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Rumpydog Talks

Check out Rumpydog’s video. Ina loved it, she was tilting her head from side-to-side intently watching it. Enjoy!

Dogpaddling Through Life

I’m a dog of few words, but sometimes I just have to say what’s on my mind.

Sunday was one of those days.

Can you guess what I was telling Jen?


And yes, that was June Buggie hanging with me. That cat is a camera hound!

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There are better things than a stick

When I was little pup, I really loved sticks. As a homeless pup, I played a lot with sticks. Mom read that sticks have splinters which can be a problem when I am running around with that stick. So now I get plush toys, balls, kongs, and treats. And I LOVE it, I’m a lucky dog!

I’m not picky, it doesn’t matter if the stick is bigger than me because I have a big personality.


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About ten years ago, Peg, my shepherd mix, got ehrlichia which is transmitted by ticks. She had severe weight loss and became so weak we had to carry her around. The meds to treat her were so expensive that I sent the prescription to a friend who vacations in Mexico and he filled it there. Peg recovered, but I’m sure there are dogs and people who don’t make it. Protect your dog by using flea and tick repellent that is recommended by your veterinarian. There are some that burn pets so ask your vet and make sure you follow the directions.

Dogpaddling Through Life

Oh Dog! I have a guest that has some important information to share with you today about ticks and the diseases they carry.  Pippa says he was a streetdog in Spain before he found his people, and now spends his time between Gibraltar  and his Spanish finca.  He likes to chase cats, eat toast, lie on his sofa in his Gib kennel flat, and lie in the sun by the gate at his Spanish finca.  He has a pretty laid back life now after scavenging on the streets for some time years ago.

 How about it everybody, give it up for Pippa at Pippadogblog!

Rumpy:  Thanks so much for being my guest today and for talking to us about tick diseases.  So Pippa, tell me what happened to you.

Pippa:  Well, I was feeling pretty under the weather.  I didn’t do boundaround for my food, and I struggled to…

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Running of the Turkeys

It’s spring. There is a lot of activity in our yard. Everything is turning green and the plants are starting to grow. There are a lot of birds, small birds and really big birds. Earlier this week, Ina was glued to the window. It was like she had never seen a turkey.

In this case, it was 13 turkeys. They were doing their run through the field.

This time, they came up unusually close to the house. Turkeys are attracted to their reflections in the glass. Neighbors have reported that turkeys will sit on the deck and stare at the patio door. There was no problem with them stopping at our house because here’s what they saw.

I may be deaf, but I’m a great watch dog. If Ina and I were outside, we would have helped with the turkey run. Winner, winner, turkey dinner!

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The Dog Vehicle

When I went home from the shelter, mom had a small kennel with her which she put in the back seat of her car. I was about 15 pounds so she could carry me in the kennel without any problems.

When we’re in mom’s car, Ina hogs all the room in the back seat. Dad recently got a Subaru Outback. It’s the ultimate dog vehicle because he puts the back seat down and there’s plenty of room for us. It’s low enough for us to jump in because I’m almost 60 pounds so it’s difficult for mom to pick me up. I can just sit in the back and stare out the window watching everything, Ina likes to sit near dad where she can keep an eye on his driving. I find his driving a bit scary so I’d rather not watch.

Of course, we have our dog seat belts on for safety. And we never stick our heads out the window because we might get stuff in our eyes.

The hand sign for car ride is a driving motion like both hands are on the steering wheel. Though mom doesn’t use it much because once she gets the seat belts and leashes out, Ina goes berserk with excitement so I just watch mom try to get Ina to calm down and follow along. Did I mention that sisters are a lot of work?

Watch my favorite Subaru commercial now.

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I’m a lucky dog

I get to leave the shelter.  The lady who I will soon call my mom, puts me in a little crate and takes me to a place where they put a collar on me. I want to run around and play with the dogs and cat.

My new home has a german shepherd mix named Peg and a collie mix named Sandy. They are pretty old and they are not sure what to think about me. I’m not messing with Peg, she won’t tolerate it. I like playing with Sandy, even though she just wants to relax.

There’s a huge yard for me to run around and lots of sticks.  There were fireworks and a lot of people rubbing my stomach and cuddling with me.  I’m a lucky dog.

Mom’s note:  Radcliff was 3 months old and a 15 pound energetic ball of fur. A friend who had a 20 pound cat, let me borrow a crate to pick him up. He didn’t like the crate.

The first thing I did was take him to the store to get a collar and sign him up for obedience classes. I didn’t know if I could get him back in the crate. I’m pretty sure that the person at the store thought I was crazy.  I was concerned about training him because of the shelter staff comments about how long it would take to train him because he was deaf. Puppies are cute, but they are also a lot of work.

Peg was 14 years old and Sandy was 13 years old.  I think they were in shock.  This hyper little dog was creating a ruckus.  It was the weekend of July 4th that I brought him home.  We had a party so our friends could meet the newest addition to our family.  They loved him and couldn’t believe that he was deaf.

The holiday that scares most dogs, did not bother Radcliff. He was loving all the attention.  I have read that one out of two dogs are euthanized at the shelter.  He was a lucky dog.


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