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The Dog Vehicle

When I went home from the shelter, mom had a small kennel with her which she put in the back seat of her car. I was about 15 pounds so she could carry me in the kennel without any problems.

When we’re in mom’s car, Ina hogs all the room in the back seat. Dad recently got a Subaru Outback. It’s the ultimate dog vehicle because he puts the back seat down and there’s plenty of room for us. It’s low enough for us to jump in because I’m almost 60 pounds so it’s difficult for mom to pick me up. I can just sit in the back and stare out the window watching everything, Ina likes to sit near dad where she can keep an eye on his driving. I find his driving a bit scary so I’d rather not watch.

Of course, we have our dog seat belts on for safety. And we never stick our heads out the window because we might get stuff in our eyes.

The hand sign for car ride is a driving motion like both hands are on the steering wheel. Though mom doesn’t use it much because once she gets the seat belts and leashes out, Ina goes berserk with excitement so I just watch mom try to get Ina to calm down and follow along. Did I mention that sisters are a lot of work?

Watch my favorite Subaru commercial now.

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